As a web designer or developer, you are constantly interacting with clients. The success of a project relies heavily on the client’s input, feedback and cooperation. However, not all clients are created equal, and some are better to work with than others. In this article we will discuss what makes a good web design/web development client. A good client is or offers the following:


One of the most crucial aspects of working with a client is having clear and open communication. A good client is someone who can articulate their needs, goals and vision for the project. They should be able to clearly explain what they want (and almost as important, what they don’t want), and they should be able to provide feedback that is constructive and actionable. A client would understandably be more informed about the company they own or work at, its products/services, competitors, corporate message, company culture, etc. This is vital information in allowing your web designer/agency to craft the best and most effective solution. 


A good client is someone who has realistic expectations about the project. They should understand that a GOOD web design and development process takes time and requires a lot of work. A lot of thought and work go into bringing the client’s vision to fruition. You rush, you fail…somewhere along the way. They should also understand that there may be limitations to what can be done with their website, whether it be technical or budgetary constraints. Not to mention timeline-related unrealistic expectations.


Good clients provide clear requirements for the project. This means having a clear idea of what they want to achieve with their website and providing a detailed brief. This level of clarity ensures that the designer/developer has a clear understanding of the project’s scope and can provide an accurate quote and timeline. Lack of clarity will only add to the time of the project and the cost to complete it.


Trust is crucial when it comes to working with a client. A good client is someone who trusts the designer or developer to do their job and make the right decisions. It is the reason they were hired, after all. They should be open to suggestions and recommendations, and they should be willing to consider different ideas. This level of trust allows for a collaborative and productive working relationship.


Web design and development projects often involve multiple stages of revisions and feedback. A good client is someone who provides timely feedback and doesn’t hold up the process. They should be responsive to emails and phone calls and should provide feedback that is clear and concise. The longer the design and development process takes, the longer your website will take to launch. 


A good client is someone who is respectful and professional throughout the entire process. They should understand that the designer or developer is a professional and treat them as such. This means being respectful of their time, paying on time and not making unreasonable demands.


A smart person is open to learning and expanding their knowledge. This applies to a good client. They should be willing to learn about the design and development process and should be open to new ideas and approaches. Clearly, the client does not need to learn how to do the designer’s/developer’s job, but this level of openness can lead to a more innovative and successful project as well as a higher level of understanding and appreciation for the process.


A good website design can directly impact your business. Many potential new customers are lost within the first few seconds they are on your site if the UI/UX is wrong. Sometimes the use of the “wrong” imagery or messaging will turn that user off. Maybe the branding is off. All of these elements are extremely important, and knowing how to use the right mix of each is critical in your website’s success. Clients should be willing to invest in good design and understand its value.


Web design and development usually require access to resources such as logos, images, and other content. A good client is someone who is willing to mobilize themselves or their team to provide these resources in a timely manner. They should understand that delays in providing resources can hold up the process and impact the timeline and overall success of the project.


Lastly – but not least – a good client is someone who pays on time. This may seem like an obvious point, but it is one of the most important. Designers and developers rely on payments to keep their business running, and late payments can cause significant issues.

Being a good web design/web development client and appreciating the value of what this brings to the project is essential for the success of your new website. A good client is someone who has a clear understanding and appreciation of what goes into the design and development process of their website and they place the correct level of importance in following the steps detailed above. By following these guidelines, clients can ensure a productive and successful working relationship with their designer/developer as well as the best website possible.

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