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Remember Aesop’s fable The Tortoise and The Hare?
The turtle won because the rabbit became overconfident and took a nap. The moral?
Slow and steady wins the race.

We beg to differ.

In this century, our money is on the bunny.
The new business model doesn’t allow for a plodding, methodical approach or,
for that matter, endless strategy meetings and situational updates and layers of approvals.
That’s how some of the big companies work, which is fine if you’ve got the time and the money.

We believe in fast and flexible. We believe in thinking smart and working smart.
And we took away a valuable lesson from the rabbit:
You snooze, you lose.

Which is why you might get 2 am emails from us.
We’re still running.

At Crush Interactive, graphic design, art direction, and web design isn’t just what we do, it’s who we are. Crush’s founder, president, and creative director Gonzalo Montes de Oca was born in Santiago de Cuba, Cuba, and raised in Miami, FL – the product of a hard-working family determined to make their American dream come alive in the land of opportunity. He understands what it means to work diligently, create opportunities and see them come to their profitable fruition.

Although he opened Crush Interactive in 2009, Gonzalo has been in the industry since 1997 – around the time when websites were still being built in tables and frames and a transparent GIF could make you look like a coding wizard. Boy Bands were still all the rage. Gonzalo’s extensive professional and creative experience has seen him work at agencies large and small as designer, lead artist, and art/creative director, do boatloads of freelance work for a multitude of divergent clients, and now as head of Crush. His experience also includes working with and for marketing companies, in teams large and small, and hand-in-glove with copywriters, marketers, advertisers, search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) experts, social media mavens, and C-level executives.

Crush Interactive has handled projects for Fortune 500 companies, publicly traded behemoths, sports franchises, Grammy-winning and platinum-selling entertainers, world-class artists, and 100s of local businesses. The partial client list includes: 7 Eleven, AT&T, AOL Latin America, Coca-Cola, Dell, Ford, Hertz, Invicta Watches, Jon Secada, MasterCard, Miami Dolphins, Mount Sinai Medical Centers, Nelly, Sony/Aiwa Latin America, Vivant Skin Care, Wizard Digital and many more.

The list of services Crush can expertly advise on and provide is just as impressive. First and foremost is the pillar of our know-how, Web Design and Development. We have designed thousands of websites, landing pages, and other assets for a large selection of clients, both US-based and in Central and Latin America. Our strengths also lie in mobile responsive sites, which look and function ideally regardless of the device type being engaged (mobile phone, tablet, PC/laptop). Like size, responsiveness matters to search engine ranking.

Online Marketing is another field of expertise for us at Crush Interactive. We believe in having an ongoing online conversation with our clients in the form of email marketing, landing pages that engage, convert and measure results, online promotions that work, and banners that catch eyes and convert into clicks. E-commerce is yet another facet of the digital realm that we have mastered. Want a website that can sell, sell, sell? Then call Crush, Crush, Crush!

Print Design is just as important as it ever was, and we have got what it takes to help you excel in this arena. This realm includes designing for print advertising, direct mail pieces, collateral pieces such as brochures and flyers, even logos, business cards, and stationary design. Graphic design IS, after all, our first love, whether for corporate branding, or for local Latin funk bands, we have got you covered.

SEO and PPC are just as vital as any of the services we’ve already mentioned, and some may argue that they are even more important. The adage about trees falling in forests and whether they make a sound applies: if you have a shiny, brand-new site on the web, but Google isn’t indexing and ranking it, will anyone find it online? Probably not. Let us handle that for you!

Just as important are the areas of Public Relations (PR), Social Media and Copywriting. All three present unique communicative situations and present challenges that require a specific expertise level. In each, the audience you are speaking to needs to be carefully considered. For PR, you are addressing writers, editors, and webmasters. In Social Media, length of messaging is an important consideration due to stylistic differences among the channels, character count limits, and hash tag use. Copywriting MUST be compelling, have a strong call to action, and be free of puffery.

No worries – we’ve got you covered here as well.

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