Church’s Chicken “Fready” System


Restaurant Management ApplicationUI/UX Design

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Church’s Chicken is one of the largest chicken restaurant chains in the world, with over 1,650 locations in 29 states and 23 global markets. But that doesn’t mean they’re satisfied. In fact, they are primed for growth. A strategic business system was designed to foster expansion and support new franchisees every step of the way. The interactive admin system for store owners/managers is vital to the profitability and efficiency bottom lines.

We were approached with the challenge of designing a simple and intuitive UX/UI for the Fready backend system where the appropriate individuals could plan, schedule, track and gauge how much product to prepare, how much sold per timeframe selected and the ability to instantly make changes to all settings on the fly. With so many potential options and screens presented to the store operators, it was imperative to create a clean, nonoverwhelming interface so users were not overwhelmed. We addressed the look and feel by using material design fundamentals along with eye-pleasing aesthetics to engage users.

Frontend Interface UI/UX Design

Admin Interface UI/UX Design

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