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We were excited to be approached to address multiple needs for Seasons of Beauty’s launch of a new brand and product line. We love having input on the different elements that make up your brand. From Logo Design to Package/Label Design to Website Design, Crush Interactive was deeply involved with the client to develop and launch their new venture.

We were tasked with designing a new Website for the company. We worked to have every user “absorb” all the benefits of the Seasons of Beauty line in order to make the best decision as to whether these products were right for them. We interacted closely with the client to discuss the product price points and the relationship between those numbers and the target audience in order to speak to them clearly via the website.

Web Design

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Your skin absorbs everything you put on it

Did you know your skin is the largest organ in your body and absorbs virtually everything it comes into contact with? Seasons of Beauty formulates only the highest performing products with the healthiest ingredients to maintain skin’s youthful appearance. The most powerful ingredients in skincare come from our safest source; nature. The pioneer of a fresh, refined, and organic face.

Logo Design

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Label, Packaging and Flyer Design & Setup

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