Print Design

Is the printed word an endangered species? Not as far as we’re concerned. Whether you need eye-catching print advertising, a lively direct mail piece or collateral to market your business, we believe it should be finely focused, well-crafted, informative, provocative and stop-them-in-their-tracks persuasive.

From the first Egyptian papyrus scrolls, print advertising has been an important part of how businesses get the word out about themselves. Newspapers may be a dying art form, but they are still a vital part of any successful ad campaign. Same thing with magazine ads – they are still a worthy investment of your print ad dollars and an effective way to reach targeted audiences. We can design and create any ad you may need, to any specifications, from a couple of inches square to a 44’ long outdoor billboard, and beyond.

Direct mail pieces remain an integral means to reaching potential and repeat customers. What’s the one thing most people do most every day of the week? Check their mail! We can work with any budget and help create mailing lists for you based on geographical area (zip codes), interests, demographics, and almost any variable you can think of. You can be sure that we can meet any design demand you may have – from a simple postcard, to a gated, layered and/or elaborate fold-out creation.

Brochures and catalogs still play an important part in marketing and providing information about your business. Traditional folded collateral pieces remain and effective and affordable way to tell the story of what you do, what you offer and why the person reading the material should purchase said goods or services from you. Whatever your budget or timeline, Crush can help you achieve your goals and address your marketing needs. We also design business cards, flyers, sell sheets and more.

We love the print medium. It gives us a chance to exercise different creative muscles, and gives you another opportunity to reach your target audience. Click here to get started.

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