Online Marketing

How good are your conversational skills? Because basically, that’s what online marketing is – an on-going dialogue with customers. No matter what form it takes – email marketing, landing pages, retargeting/remarketing, or other digital magic – we’ve gone totally conversational with online/interactive marketing. And our clients are uniformly pleased. Hey, “interactive” is part of our name!

Email is one of the most direct ways to talk to your customers. Unlike traditional advertising media like TV or radio, there’s no hoping they are tuned in at the right time to hear your message or chance that they fast-forward thought your ad spot on a DVR playback, nor the elimination of your spot though a paid, ad-free subscription. The chances of you sending your message to the wrong age group or demographic are slim. A customer who’s opted-in to your email list is worth more to you than any other type of customer. You have their attention now; the message is going straight to their inbox. Crush can lead the way in communicating with them optimally.

The significance of a landing page cannot be overstated. Once your potential customers are ready to act on your offer, it is imperative to be able to deliver a simple, easy way for them to transfer their interest into a sale, and moreover, be able to capture their data and measure the success of any given action. We are experts at setting this process up and executing it for you. We can help you convert your traffic into revenue and deliver a solid return on your investment (ROI).

Retargeting or remarketing refers to the process of keeping your brand in front of potential customers through the use of cookies, which allows your messaging to follow users who have visited your site and display ads to them on various other sites. This increased visibility will do wonders for your conversion rate and keep you top of mind and close to the click. Ask us how! Click here to get started.

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